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Replace Your Roof With A Safer Alternative

Your Collierville home’s roof is a large exposed area, high above the ground, exposed to accidents and acts of nature. Depending on where you live, embers from wildfires are a real possibility. So are: Lightning strikes Fireworks Chimney sparks Bonfire or barbeque embers Sparks from a nearby house fire We at American Veterans Restoration would […]

Five Ways To Prevent House Fires In Five Minutes Or Less

For as dangerous as house fires can be, anything you can do to decrease the risk of having one in your home is worth the effort. Fortunately, there are many different steps you can take to prevent fire damage that only require a few minutes of your time. These are the steps that we at […]

After a House Fire– Water, Soot and Fire Damage

A fire devastated your home but also left lingering damage due to flames, smoke, soot and water damage from fighting the fire. Fire Damage Restoration The most devastating aspect of a home fire is literally that flames destroy your physical property. Nothing can be done to save your things that are a pile of ash. […]