After a House Fire– Water, Soot and Fire Damage

A fire devastated your home but also left lingering damage due to flames, smoke, soot and water damage from fighting the fire.

Fire Damage Restoration

The most devastating aspect of a home fire is literally that flames destroy your physical property. Nothing can be done to save your things that are a pile of ash. A fire restoration team, like American Veterans Restoration will, however, work to salvage electronics and other furnishings spared by the flames.

You will need help with the cleanup. The areas directly affected will most likely need to be remodeled and restored to ensure their structural stability. In all cases, everything will need to be thoroughly cleaned with a HEPA vacuum to capture all small particles of soot, debris and fire extinguisher residue. A fire and water damage restoration company can do the real dirty work with equipment and procedures at the ready that no average homeowner has access to.

Water Damage Due to Fighting the Fire

Firefighting efforts often cause extensive and expensive water damage. Fighting the fire brings huge amounts of water by hose; the moisture left behind will fostor mold growth. Water also evaporates from all materials super-heated by fires, and mixes with the smoke, which then helps the smoke penetrate into porous materials.  

With water damage, the primary concern is drying out your home as soon as possible. Failure to do so can lead to mold, fungus, and mildew problems, all of which will require a major mold remediation project to eliminate the problem. If your home has incurred substantial water damage, be sure to hire a fire and water damage restoration company to come in and tackle the job. Just as with fire damage, the professional have commercial-grade solutions at their disposal, including freezer, cryogenic, vacuum freeze, and vacuum thermal drying techniques to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

While experiencing a fire is detrimental enough, having water damage from a sprinkler system can be immensely overwhelming. Additionally, all the pipes are susceptible to bursting in a fire emergency. During a fire, the extensive heat can cause pressure and damage to the structure’s piping system, resulting in warping, breaking or ultimately bursting.

The team will work quickly to get on the scene, assess the extent of the damage, and start a plan of action to get the water removed, cleaned up, and restored back to pre-loss condition before it turns into a bigger, more costly problem. If water is allowed to sit for too long, not only does the water spread and damage the structure of the property more, but also it can quickly cause mold to grow in 48 hours  and spread the area.

Smoke And Soot Removal

It doesn’t matter how big or small the fire was, your home is also damaged by smoke and soot. The longer smoke and soot are allowed to linger, the more extensive the damage becomes as they penetrate walls, furniture, cabinets, flooring, and other materials. Both can cause permanent damage if not remedied immediately. The small size of the particles makes it dangerous for humans and pets; it can easily be breathed deep into the small passageways of the lungs. Repeated exposure to soot is linked to respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and cancer.

Smoke and soot can also affect the air quality in your property, American Veterans Restoration are experts in making sure that your property is safe for present and future occupancy when they restore properties after a fire disaster.

Fire and Water Damage in Atlanta

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